Our focus has always been on supporting the clients’ overall objectives in completing the project on time and within their estimated cost. Our exposure to a broad range of projects has given us the skill set and confidence to be able to walk into any job and produce the desired outcome for the client.


Civil / Mining & Infrastructure

Our experience has demonstrated a consistent ability to adapt to our client’s requirements to complete the project safely and within budget. Completion of small projects with tight and difficult access through to large-scale infrastructure work with multiple stakeholders.

Rehabilitation & Remediation Services

As our clients maintain a driving force in reducing and minimizing their footprint within their respected sites, Coastal Works Group has the knowledge, through continuous infield involvement, to supply a wide range of services.

Safety & Compliance

At Coastal Works Group the Safety Health Management Systems of our clients and the health and wellbeing of staff is always at the forefront of the business. Due to our extensive experience whilst working for large civil and mining organisations such as Thiess Contractors, MacMahon Contractors, Abi Group, BMA, BHP, Glencore and South32 we have a complete and thorough understanding of prerequisite and legislative requirements and are 100% committed to the safe delivery of projects. All our personnel are trained and qualified to support your project objectives.


Our focus is to align with our clients and supply and deliver their vision. With most rural properties the main aim is to capture any rainfall event and maximise catchment to maintain an ongoing supply of useable water.


Whether it be constructing a sporting field, shaping a Golf Course, access tracks and fire breaks for Council and State Forest or sediment and erosion controls, Coastal Works Group can supply a wide range of services to assist and deliver for your project.


At Coastal Works Group we can supply a drone aviation package to capture your project from start to finish. We can provide survey to assist in monthly volumetric movements which will reduce cost, time, and safety on your project.

Project Management

Coastal Works Group is always ready to supply a Project Management team to deliver client’s intended project outcomes as required. We have access to a vast range of associated contractors that share our focus on safety, quality, and support of our client’s needs. We understand the importance of accurate and timely project monitoring and reporting and utilise the latest technology and tools to support project management, supervision, and general stakeholder communication.